A little about me…

I have been singing since I was very young. According to my mom, I would run around and sing loudly all day when I was a small child. When I worked out a simple piece on the piano for myself, my parents signed me up for piano lessons, and a passion was born. I sang in choirs through elementary and middle school, and learned to apply my ability to read at the piano to singing. Armed with that knowledge, I shot ahead in reading skill singing. Add to that a moderate amount of talent and great teachers, and I have succeeded pretty well so far in my life.

I’ve recently completed a degree in music education at Baylor University. I graduated in May 2014. I had many great experiences at Baylor. I’ve sung in choirs under Dr. Alan Raines (A Cappella Choir and Chamber Singers), Dr. Lynne Gackle (Concert Choir), and Dr. Randall Bradley (Men’s Choir). In addition, I’ve spearheaded a barbershop quartet and led a few Christmas services with the Honors College.

After an exciting and challenging year as head choir director at Pasadena High School, I am excited to begin a year as assistant choir director at Magnolia West High School in Magnolia, TX. I’m excited to work with these students and this community to make memorable musical experiences.

I enjoy exploring the incredibly diverse world of music and showing others what I’ve learned. It’s easiest for me to teach when I’m just as fascinated about the topic as anyone else–and my interest is broad enough that that applies to just about everything. I look forward to getting to know you!

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